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What is Holistic Care Services?

Holistic Care Services is a Health & Wellness company that educates people just like you about holistic healthcare options and provides individualized Wellness Coaching. As a Holistic Care Services customer,  we create your Plan of Care together, so that you are fully in charge of your own path to wellness. Using our Holistic Approach, you’ll select from a menu of powerful tools – like natural/organic foods, supplements, herbs, acupuncture, exercise, stress reduction techniques, and others – to find the perfect combination for you. Holistic Care Services was founded by Susan Castiglia, Holistic RN, who draws upon her broad expertise in Health & Wellness to develop a personalized plan to build and protect your health… in a way that’s enjoyable, achievable, and sustainable for life!

What services do you provide?

For Individuals:

Holistic Health Consultation, and Holistic RN Wellness Coaching. Susan Castiglia, Holistic RN is also a certified instructor in Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) and related SUP fitness programs.

For Groups/Businesses:

Our exclusive  Holistic Community Lifecare Program is a unique way for employees and families to improve health, save money on healthcare premiums, bond relationships, provide group support and create a holistic-based community for personal growth and prosperity. Contact Susan Castiglia, Holistic RN to learn more!

Why is a holistic approach important?

A holistic approach treats the whole person – it acknowledges that your life is made up of many parts, and that each part affects the other, and in turn affects the whole you. For example, say you’d like to lose some weight… Your family doctor might recommend a diet plan, but a holistic healthcare practitioner like Susan Castiglia, Holistic RN will also address the root cause of why you’re overweight: Are you stressed out by an unhappy career? Are you going through a divorce? If stress is a big factor in your life, you may need to complement your dieting efforts with proven stress reduction techniques (therapeutic yoga, meditation, daily walks, etc.). A holistic approach digs deeper, addressing the unspoken issues that often can derail us from reaching our goals.

Why do I need a Holistic RN Wellness Coach?

If you’re reading this website, chances are you’re already on a self-improvement journey – and you’re interested in eating healthier, reaching a better weight, reducing stress, managing a chronic health issue, improving your fitness… or a combination of those!  Holistic RN Wellness Coaching provides the nursing expertise, structure and, quite simply, the encouragement to make sure you achieve your life-changing goals!  Isn’t it time that you invested in you?

Free Holistic Health Consultation

Free ConsulationTo decide if Holistic RN Wellness Coaching is right for you, please schedule a complimentary Holistic Health Consultation.

See What Our Clients are Saying!

“Nurse Sue will motivate and challenge you to make lifestyle changes for the better. I am much more positive and enjoy each day. It was helpful to keep a daily dairy and have my personal goals in sight. Though I still eat bacon and drink coffee, I achieved most of my goals and feel more accomplished.”

JKMale, 50’s

“I was reluctant to start this program but my friend went through it so decided to try. After 2 weeks, my arthritis in my knees improved. I changed some things I was eating and started a physical therapy program that my insurance paid for. Since that time, I even have more energy. I still need to sleep better and that is what we are focused on now.”

SFFemale, 40’s

“I didn’t know anything about holistic stuff but my wife told me to give it a whirl. So I met with Sue at her office and she set me up with my ‘to do’ list and it was pretty easy to follow. I went back every two weeks and to discuss everything in detail. She really listens and is not like those rushed doctors I have been to. It really helped me to eat for health and take better care of myself. Thank you, Sue!”

BDMale, 50’s

“I was in the doldrums after a recent divorce and job change. Susan encouraged me to reclaim my life with her self-reflection tools. Her program was wonderful and left me more inspired especially with the Wellness Coaching beach walks we took this past summer. I would recommend anyone going through changes in their life, as I was, to seek Susan’s services.”

RSFemale, 20’s