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Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Welcome to Stand Up Paddle Boarding! Originating in Polynesia, this beautiful sport is now the fastest growing global watersport. SUP enthusiasts join a fellow community of water-lovers that range from surfers to boaters.

You feel the warmth of the sun on your face… you taste a hint of salt as the fresh air fills your lungs… you hear the gentle whooshing sound of the waves slapping against your paddleboard… a curious seagull perched nearby watches as you reach your body skyward in perfect harmony and balance… what an exhilarating combination of emotions: accomplishment, power, zen-like calm! As if on cue, the gull lifts his wings and swoops overhead, shrieking his approval!

Susan Castiglia, Holistic RN, is a certified SUP instructor who specializes in providing lessons for novices (both individuals and small groups) on calm waters in the NJ region. Local SUP students seeking more a more advanced experience (e.g., ocean water SUP) will be referred to another qualified, certified instructor in her network who specializes in that area. In all cases, SUP instructors will provide comprehensive safety training to ensure a safe and enjoyable SUP experience!

Certified SUP instructors

Susan Castiglia, Holistic RN, and her network of SUP instructors, are proud to hold a variety of SUP credentials from leading fitness organizations including:  World Paddle Association (WPA), American Canoe Association (ACA), and PaddleFit.

To ensure your safety and enjoyment, we highly recommend lessons with certified SUP instructors. Our SUP students are standing up in as little as 10-20 minutes without any prior surfing experience. Just about anyone (including your dog) can learn how to SUP!

SUP Certifications

SUP Testimonials

I had my first lesson with Sue yesterday. It was a SUPer experience!! I struggled at first, but Sue was able to deconstruct my stroke and tell me what adjustments to make and before I knew it I felt like I had been SUPing for years. She is a SUPer teacher and very easy to talk to. The 2 hours flew by and offered both stress relief and a great workout. My heart rate monitor said I burned over 500 calories and it was WAY more relaxing (and less sweaty) than being at the gym!!

Cheryl F
Cheryl FJun 28, 2012

When we first went SUP we weren’t sure what we were doing. Then Sue showed us how to! It was a great experience for the whole family and was a great way spend time with the family. We all loved it so much that we had to go twice in three days! Our family  learned from the best!

NJ Family
NJ FamilyAug 4, 2010

Just completed my first lesson with Sue. She’s a great teacher/coach — makes sure you feel safe and comfortable, but challenged. This is fun!!

P.M.Jul 16, 2010

“As a SUP enthusiast, I love to just leave those mobile devices on shore and decompress from technological stress! SUP is an amazing head-to-toe workout for the mind, body and spirit. SUP health benefits include: increasing core strength, improving muscle mass, endurance & concentration, and stress reduction. And it’s done in the Great Outdoors – what could be better?”

Susan Castiglia
Susan CastigliaHolistic RN

Jersey Shore Stand Up Paddle Club

Susan Castiglia, Holistic RN, is a SUP Instructor and Founder of the Jersey Shore Stand Up Paddle Club.  Our members are a friendly and diverse group of paddlers who range from novice to expert, and include several Certified SUP Instructors. We enjoy a variety of activities including: flat water paddling, paddle surfing wakes, enjoying a leisure eco-tour paddle, white water river sup’in, ocean paddle surfing and SUP race events.  We always extend a warm welcome to new members and especially first-timers.  We hope to see you soon!

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